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A toilet messaging app now exists…

Author: Megan Ellis Updated: 09:03 13-09-2016

Depending on how secretive you are about your bathroom business, this app may be taking social messaging way too far.

TADTOY is a social messaging platform specifically created for when you are on the toilet. Ever wanted to tell your friends that you're on the toilet and explain your experience? No, us neither. But that didn't stop an app from being created.

"Keep in touch with your friends and relatives as you do your business by letting them know where you are, what IT'S like, and how you feel afterwards," the app's Google Play store listing says.

Why you would want to do that is a mystery to us – but we won't pretend to understand.

The app comes with taglines such as "Taking a Dump, Thinking of You" and the "world's #2 social network".

Users even get to earn "pooints" (points) that will be tracked on a leaderboard.

Strangely enough, from the few users who have installed the app, TADTOY is getting good ratings.

Watch a video about the app below:

Published: 14:45 07-09-2016

Posted by on September 7, 2016.

Categories: Mobile apps, Technology

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