Ferrari launches a limited edition
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Ferrari launches a limited edition

Updated: 11:45 01-11-2017

The new Ferrari FXX-K Evo is the company's most insane track-only car to date and is only available to clients that already take part in the company's XX development programme.

Based on the FXX-K, which itself started out as a track-only version Ferrari LaFerrari, the new car is lighter despite having even more external aerodynamic elements. This external package of elements is key to the car's increased performance. Downforce has been boosted by 23%, meaning it can develop 830kg of downforce when the car is at the redline in its highest gear for magnet-on-steel levels of grip. This is partly due to a new rear wing design and partly due to external fins that create a vortex of air, passing clean air over the spoiler and pushing away the hot air coming from the car's front and powertrain components.

This aero package upgrade also means that suspension has had to be overhauled and brake cooling significantly improved, particularly at the front of the car, via new larger air intakes.

Inside, the cabin has been improved with few distractions and better coherence. The KERS hybrid boost system controls are now on the steering wheel. The screen that displays vital performance information has been redesigned to bemore user-friendly, while the camera that serves as a rearview mirror has also been vastly improved.

Yet, as amazing as this car sounds, and as expensive as it will be to own, it can only ever be driven on the track–and even then, only in Ferrari's own racing series.

All of which begs the question: "Why?" In 2005, Ferrari launched the XX programme – it was a racing series with bespoke track-only cars based on its best road-going models, but more importantly as a test for researching and developing the next generation of Prancing Horse supercars and hypercars.

The cars cost millions of dollars: you have to be invited to own one and, while, technically speaking, it's your car, Ferrari maintains and stores it until it's time to race, at which point they ship it to the track along with a pit crew.

There's little doubt that the XX race series is incredible fun and one that takes in some of the most renowned circuits in some of the world's most far-flung destinations. However, the real motivation behind XX is to put the company's most important clients firmly in the driving seat when it comes to developing the next generation of road-going Ferraris and ensuring they're significantly better in every way relative to the outgoing generation.

The FXX-K Evo will be available as a turnkey car or as an upgrade for owners of the FXX-K. 
But the only way to know how much the car will cost is to get an invite to the XX programme.

Source: AFP-Relaxnews Published: 07:45 01-11-2017

Posted by on November 1, 2017.

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