Audi’s slow reveal of its new A8 continues
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Audi’s slow reveal of its new A8 continues

Updated: 09:30 11-07-2017

The official debut of the new Audi A8 is scheduled for July 11, but the German automaker has been gradually revealing more and more of the new sedan in a series of appearances.

For years we've been used to seeing paparazzi spy shots of camouflaged test mules of upcoming vehicles spotted out and about being put through their pre-production paces. But manufacturers such as Audi are now turning the tables on the media by purposefully showing off their new models before the official releases in various stages of camouflage. So, the new Audi A8's latest appearance was in a lightly camouflaged form at the world premiere of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" in Hollywood, California on Wednesday.

If you're wondering what the connection could possibly be between the new Audi uber-sedan and Spider-Man, it's because Audi has some significant product placement in the upcoming latest instalment of the Marvel superhero franchise with Disney. 

There were no fake bulges or blanking panels to fool anyone about the real lines of the new A8's body at the premiere, and the camouflage itself was more to do with synergy with the movie than keeping any of the car's design cues secret. The spider webs and Spider-Man logos certainly didn't hide the fact this is a very good-looking car that's quite obviously based on the Audi Prologue and Prologue Avant concepts although, the wings on the A8 are a little less pumped up and muscular than those concepts, and the lower grille also appears to be more subtle and restrained.

Audi insists there are a couple of fleeting opportunities during the movie (out in general release in the US July 7) to view a completely undisguised A8 in all its glory. But for a full reveal, and hopefully detailed specifications, we'll have to wait until the car's official unveiling in Spain on July 11.

Source: AFP-Relaxnews Published: 09:45 03-07-2017

Posted by on July 3, 2017.

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