Warning! South Africa Car Crimes are Doubling
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Warning! South Africa Car Crimes are Doubling

Updated: 11:00 19-05-2017

 It seems like the capital of South Africa also seems to be the capital of car crime.

Car crime rates across South Africa have experienced a ‘doubling’. According to the SAPS annual crime statistics, Pretoria CBD car crime stats shows that the city has the highest number of car-related crimes – a total 1079 vehicle crimes. These include smash-and-grabs, theft and hijacking. Sunnyside is second on the list, with 964 reported vehicle crime cases. In third place, Jozi experienced a total of 845 car crimes, however, has the highest amount of reported hijack cases. Ranked fourth, the Mother City’s Khayelitsha has reported 840 car crimes, while Gardens has revealed a total of 690 car crimes. Durban is currently fifth on the list of car crimes, with a total of 797 reported cases.

 It’s easy to think, “This will never happen to me”, but as a motorist, have you been in one of these situations?

Face-to-face engagement on the side of the road.

Waiting inside a vehicle for someone.

Entering a premise at a shopping mall, flat or even your own home or work property.

Driving with valuables displayed on car seats.

Stopped at a red traffic light.

 If you’ve been in any of this situation with your car or while inside another vehicle, your risk of becoming victim to car crimes are high.

South African car crime rates on the rise as car criminals are developing new skills that can question the reliability of today’s Modern vehicle safety technology. However, with an alarm system and immobilizer, it is possible to make it harder for car thieves to view your car as a target.

With the most common being car break-ins, it is important to keep valuable out of site. Why not leave your valuables in the boot instead? These are the items most likely to be pinched from your vehicle:

Bags of grocery shopping


Car stereo

Sat nav – GPS

Mobile phones

Handbags, purses, wallets and sunglasses

Vehicle brand badge


Number plate

Although these may seem ‘not risky’, items that you might feel comfortably leaving on display, can be highly desirable to an opportunistic car criminal. Here are top 5 tips from CarZar, to stop your car from being targeted:

#1 Do not leave anything on display, including electrical equipment.

#2 If the boot is full or damaged, take your valuables with you.

#3 Park in a well-lit secure parking spot; preferably one with CCTV and/or security.

#4 Check that your vehicle is locked.

#5 Enable your car alarm before leaving your car unattended.

 With car crimes doubling up across South African regions this 2017, CarZar urges motorists and vehicle passengers to take caution, be vigilant and leave bare minimum on display in your car.

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Published: 07:00 19-05-2017

Posted by on May 19, 2017.

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