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DDOS attack on Pokemon GO?

Author: Megan Ellis Updated: 09:31 28-07-2016

No, the server issues for Pokemon GO on Sunday weren't due to the usual reasons if a group of hackers is to be believed.

A group called PoodleCorp claimed that they had launched a DDOS attack that took the game's servers down, however the claim has yet to be confirmed.

Players will be happy to hear that the servers seem to be back up and running.

However, on the other hand, PoodleCorp claims that it will be launching another attack, with rumours that the servers would be targeted on August 1.

Players on social media have not responded positively to the supposed DDOS attack.

"There's a very special place in hell for people who DDOS #PokemonGO," one Twitter use said.

"Who the hell hits #PokemonGO servers with a DDOS. You must really hate life," another said.

Published: 05:46 18-07-2016

Posted by on July 18, 2016.

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