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tries : 4
conversions : 2
penalties : 0
drop goals : 0
4 : tries
2 : conversions
3 : penalties
0 : drop goals
This match is played in ANZ National Stadium and is refereed by Mike Fraser (New Zealand).
Join us later for more Super Rugby action when the Stormers take on the Blues
The ball is lost in the line-out again and the referee blows to end the game. FULL TIME
The ball is kicked into touch at the 5 for a Chiefs line-out
The Crusaders turnover from the throw and look to hold out for the last few seconds. The Chiefs win a penalty after some good counter rucking
The Chiefs on the attack now after the restart. Cruden carrying forward for his team as he runs to the 22. The ball is moved across the field and the referee calls play back for a penalty to the Chiefs at the 10. They kick into touch at the 22
The distance is there and and he puts it between the sticks.
The ball is cleared after the restart. Line-out to the visitors around the half. The Crusaders win a penalty at the half way and Havili looks to try again
McKenzies stepping up for the kick this time, and he adds the 2 extras
Cruden gets it after the scrum and dodges two while moving up field to slip over the line and score a TRY for his team
The referee blows for a foul and the Chiefs take it quickly. They look to move forward but it's knocked forward by a Crusaders man looking to intercept Scrum outside the 5 of the away team
The restart kick is deep and Chiefs win a scrum inside the 22
The Crusaders win a penalty after the scrum and Mo'unga takes the kick, adding 3
Scrum to the Crusaders at the 22. Scrum reset
Cruden takes his 22 meter restart short and gets it back but fumbles it forward
Havili steps up for a kick from roughly 50 meters. He takes it and sends it wide
The Crusaders kick forward but the referee calls play back for penalty at the half way
The Chiefs win a penalty after the restart kick
Mo'unga secures the extras
They take it and make it to the 5 with blistering pace, Mo'unga carrying over 20 meters for his team. Funnell makes it over the line to score the TRY
The Chiefs finding it hard to penetrate the Crusaders back line in the second half as they're held at the 10. The ball is kicked forward into touch and the visitors have a throw at their own 10
Cruden steps up for a much easier kick than his last few. He sends it wide regardless
Another line-out at the 10 for the Chiefs. They take it and win a penalty around the 22
Scrum taken and the ball cleared into touch. Line-out to the Chiefs at the 10 of the away team
Line-out for the Chiefs inside the 22 of the away team. The referee blows for a penalty to the visitors
They make it to the 10 of the Crusaders then boot it forward. The ball is sent back
The reset kick is there and the Chiefs are on the attack now
Mo'unga misses the conversion kick
They move the ball around, keeping it in play at the edge of the touch line but the Crusaders turnover at the half way and Havili is the man who gets the last pass from a good break to score the TRY for his team
The Chiefs with a line-out inside the 10 of the Crusaders now
Line-out to the Chiefs at their 22
The Crusaders have a scrum after some back and forth play by both sides. They take their scrum at the halfway
The referee sounds his whistle and gets the second half going
The Crusaders on the attack as the half come so to a close.They find themselves on the 5 and the Chiefs fight desperately to hold them off before the whistle. Scrum at the 5 of the hosts for the Crusaders. The Chiefs win a penalty in the scrum and clear to end the half. HALF TIME
The ball booted out by the Chiefs after the scrum
Scrum reset
Scrum to the Chiefs at their 22
Line-out taken by the Crusaders after the kick forward. The Chiefs win a penalty at their 22
Line-out taken and cleared
The Chiefs move forward after the throw but lose it into touch at the 22 of the visitors
The home team win a penalty as they push the aggressors back. Cruden kicks into touch at the half way
Line-out for the Crusaders at the 5 of the Chiefs
The reset kick is lost into touch
Cruden adds his first 2 points of the game
The Chiefs looking to strike back instantly as McKenzie takes it and changes pace to pass almost the entire team. He offloads to the flyhalf and the Chiefs make it to the 5 in seconds. Hames the man reaching over the line to score the TRY
The conversion kick is good
The Crusaders show incredible form to make their way forward after conceding tow tries. They move forward with Goodhue setting up an entire stall to sell a few dummies and then offloading to Bedwell-Curtis who makes it over the line and puts it down at the middle of the sticks. TRY to the Crusaders
Cruden takes his kick from the opposite side of the field this time and misses another kick
They take the scrum and the ball is kicked forward by Cruden and Lowe is on the chase after a lucky bounce. He kicks it forward and capitalizes on some terrible fortune by the Crusaders. TRY to the Chiefs
Scrum inside the hosts' 10
The referee blows for a penalty to the Chiefs as the ball is lost forward
The reset kick is cleared and the Crusaders with the ball now around the home team 10
Cruden takes his time with the conversion kick and sends it far wide, looking for it to curl inwards
The ball lands in the hands of Cruden after some risky passing and he picks it up and bursts through the back line then offloads to Nanai-Williams who plants it down on the edge of the pitch. TRY
The ball is carried into touch by the Crusaders. Line-out for the home team at the 10 of the visitors
The Crusaders on the attack now, building from the half way. They kick into touch and the hosts take it quickly
The reset kick is cleared immediately by the Crusaders and Lowe picks it up and rushes into the 10 of the away team offloading as his team follows through into the 22. They make it to the 5 but give away a penalty and the ball is cleared
He takes it and secures 3 more points
Mo’unga prepares himself for another kick at goal
Line-out taken and the ball kicked forward again by the Crusaders. McKenzie brings it down but loses it in the ruck and the referee blows for an offside against the hosts
They make some ground with the maul and then boot it forward. The ball is picked up by the back line and cleared into touch at the 10
Line-out for the Crusaders in their own half after the reset
Mo’unga steps up for the penalty kick and starts off the scoring with 3 points
They take the throw and Mo’unga looks for the drop goal but misses. The Crusaders win a penalty as they played under advantage
Line-out for the Crusaders inside the 22 of the Chiefs
They lose the ball in the ruck and the Crusaders start to build from their own half
The Chiefs pushing well now as they make it inside the 22 after the 5 meter clearance by the away team
The Chiefs in possession at the half way now. The ball booted forward but this time it reaches touch after a kick from McKenzie. Line-out to the away team at their 5
They take it a move forward to the opposite 10 but the ball lost and booted forward then kicked back again
The manage to push the visitors back to their 10 and win a scrum
The Chiefs on the defence after the opening kick
The referee blows and the game is underway
The Chiefs have won 16 of their last 17 games at home on a Friday night, including each of their last seven, while they haven't lost at home on a Friday against the Crusaders since Round 17, 2012.
The Chiefs are undefeated against fellow New Zealand opposition this season, netting three wins so far and restricting their opponents to single digits in the opening half of each game.
The Chiefs have restricted the Crusaders to fewer than 20 points in each of their last six games when hosting them, winning all but one of those six with only a one-point loss in Round 10, 2014 blemishing that record
The Chiefs have won their last four games against the Crusaders by an average margin of 14 points and have not lost the first meeting between these teams in a season since 2011
Welcome to the ANZ National Stadium for this week's first Super Rugby fixture: Chiefs vs Crusaders


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