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tries : 8
conversions : 8
penalties : 0
drop goals : 0
3 : tries
3 : conversions
0 : penalties
0 : drop goals
This match is played in Mclean Park and is refereed by Brendon Pickerill (New Zealand).
Stay with us as we go straight to our coverage of the Waratahs and the Kings
The Brumbies trying for some consolation as they burst forward making it to the 5 but the ball goes into touch. The referee ends the game. FULL TIME
They take the ball and look to perhaps add one more moving to the half way. The ball is lost forward and the Brumbies have a scrum around the mid field
The restart kick is taken and the Canes have a scrum at their 22 after the ball is lost forward by the Brumbies
The conversion is good
The Canes make it to the 22 but are driven back. The cross kick by Barrett unleashes Laumape who skips over the line after catching it at the 22. He scores the TRY
Scrum at the half way after the reset. The canes take their scrum and move into the 10 with pace
Jordie Barrett puts another 2 points on the field
The Canes go forward in the maul making it look easy. They fall over the line and the TRY is awarded to Gibbins
The Canes inside the Brumbies 5 now but they're driven back. The referee halts play and awards a penalty at the 5 for the Canes. Barrett kicks into touch at the 5
The Canes win a penalty from the scrum and kick into touch at the 5 of the away team
Scrum reset
The Canes come again but lose it forward. Scrum to the Brumbies at their 10
The reset kick goes into touch and the line-out is taken quickly by the Canes. They clear and the ball is kicked back. The Canes break to the 22 of the visitors but the ball is turned over and cleared
Jordie Barrett takes his kick from a wide angle and it hits the upright then bounces in
The Canes move the ball forward patiently after the line-out and they creep into the 5 then with a final push force themselves over the line to score another TRY. Abbott the man receiving the pats on the back
The Canes win a penalty outside the 22 after the reset and the ball is kicked into touch at the 5
Jordie Barrett ensures the extras
The ball is moved up field from the line-out and Gibbins charges down the clearance kick. He picks up the scraps and scores a TRY
The ball is cleared into touch from the penalty. Line-out to the away team at their 22
The Canes work their way to the 5 of the Brumbies but lose it. Penalty to the away team
Both team fighting for possession around the half way as the ball changes hands. The Canes come away with a penalty and the ball is sent into touch around the 22
Brumbies with the ball now after a line-out. They find themselves at the 10 of the Canes but lose it and the ball is cleared. The favour returned but into touch
The Canes with a line-out around the half way after the reset
Jordie Barrett makes no mistake with the conversion
The ball moved up field and Tavae-Aso materializes from thin air on the 5 meter line to soar over and give himself a hatrick
The referee blows for a penalty to the Canes after the maul is brought down. Scrum at the 5 of the Brumbies
The kick forward by Barrett is there after the scrum and Kuridrani picks it up but is tackled into touch. Line-out for the Canes around the 5
The reset kick is there and it goes straight into touch. Scrum to the Canes at the half way
Jordie Barrett levels the score
The Canes regain possession at the 10 and move forward again. The cross field kick is there from the flyhalf and Tavae-Aso is on the receiving end this time around. He sprints from the 22 to the TRY line to add 5
The Canes have a line out after the ball is cleared and they take it then move to the center of the pitch. Barrett again carrying forward but the ball is lost then cleared
Scrum at the 5 of the visitors now
The Canes immediately on the attack after the second half starts. They break to the 5 with Beauden Barrett and the ruck is formed before the try line. The referee blows for a penalty and awards Hawera a yellow card
The second half is underway
The knock on by the Brumbies and the referee blows for HALF TIME
The Canes take the scrum and form a ruck on the try line. They lose it and the ball is cleared into the 22
Scrum reset
The Canes struggle to make it over the try line as the Brumbies hold them at the 5. The referee blows for a penalty to the away team. Scrum at their 5
Line-out at the 5 of the visitors
Penalty to the Canes around the 22 of the away team and the ball is kicked into touch
Canes in possession after the penalty, They make their way forward slowly from the half way, now at the 22
Brumbies win a penalty in their scrum and the players begin to tussle
The Canes applying pressure after the reset kick. They fight for possession around the 5 of the visitors but the ball is knocked forward. Scrum to the Brumbies at their 5
Hawera ensures the extras
The restart kick is taken and the Canes build from their 22, making their all the way to the TRY line without a single ruck. Brilliant team play as Powell receives the last pass to put his team in front for the first time
Hawera secures the extras
The Brumbies throw bodies at the ball as it sits on the line and they make it over. Sam Carter the man with the last touch. TRY to the away team
The visitors win a penalty at the 5 and take it quickly. Speight tries to sneak through but is brought down.
Line-out for the Brumbies at the 5 of the hosts. They try to make some ground int he maul but the Canes hold them back
The restart kick is taken down by Speight and he runs from his own 22 to the opposite 22 then kicks forward for a chase but Barrett is there on the cover and kicks into touch
Hawera takes the kick and adds the extras
Line out at the 22 of the Canes for the Brumbies. They move the ball around with good form and Kuridrani is the man who makes it over the line after the inside ball. TRY
They edge closer to the 5 of the home team but the referee stops play for a scrum to the Brumbies inside the 22
Thew Brumbies on the attack after the throw, inside the 22 now
Penalty to the Brumbies after the reset. The ball is kicked into touch around the 22 of the hosts
Kuridrani finds space around the half way and makes a break for it. He reaches the 22 and sees the defence closing on him. He kicks forward and looks for the chase but the ball is put down by the Canes and the hosts have a 22 meter reset
Brumbies take their scrum this time around and the ball is cleared
The referee halts play for a penalty to the Brumbies inside their own 22. Scrum to the visitors
The Brumbies in possession but feeling the pressure as the Canes push them deeper into their own half. Powell scoops u a loose ball and tries to play it out of danger
Jordie Barrett takes the kick from a wide angle and secures the 2 points
The Savea brothers linking nicely as they almost push through to the 5 of the visitors. The Canes at the 5 but push back slightly. The cross kick to Cory Jane by Beauden Barrett is there and winger plucks it out of the air and goes over the line to score the TRY
The Canes win a penalty at the half way and Beauden Barrett kicks into touch around the 5
The Canes take the Brumbies' scrum and build from the half way now
The Brumbies have a half way scrum after the reset
Jordie Barrett secures the extras
Beauden Barrett runs to the middle of the pitch and gives an inside pass and Tavae –Aso scoots pass the entire Brumbies defence to put the ball down in the middle of the sticks. TRY
The Brumbies hold the hosts at bay on the 22 but the Canes maintain possession
Line-out taken and the Canes make their way inside the 22
The Canes win a penalty and Beauden Barrett kicks into touch at the 22
Scrum to the Brumbies around the half way as the Canes lose the ball forward
The Brumbies with a bright start as they break after some defensive organisation following the kick off. They make it to the 10 of the Canes and the ball is lost forward. Scrum to the hosts
The referee blows and the game is underway
The players entering the field now
The Brumbies have lost their last seven away to sides from New Zealand; they've never lost eight on the bounce in New Zealand before. The Hurricanes have won their last nine at home with eight of those wins coming by margins of 10 points or more.
The Hurricanes have won four of their last six home games against the Brumbies which included the Canberra side's heaviest defeat in April 2009 (7-56).
The Brumbies have won five of the last six meetings between the sides, including a 52-10 win against the Canes in Round One last season, the Wellington side's second heaviest Super Rugby defeat.
Welcome to Mclean Park. This weekend's first Super Rugby fixture will be the Hurricanes hosting the Brumbies


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