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Why is Black Mirror so contentious in S4?

Author: Staff Reporter Updated: 09:45 15-01-2018

If you’ve taken a break from watching Black Mirror and checked social media; you’ll notice the online community are very unhappy about season 4. If you compare how viewers rallied for series like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, you’ll notice the varying and aggressive criticism Black Mirror has attracted. Although there will always be those internet trolls, viewers seem to have quite a firm stance on the validity and merits of the episodes. So what is so contentious about Black Mirror?

It’s more personal than the other seasons

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker doesn’t make entertainment that easy to digest, he makes important observations of what direction technology may or may not be taking us. The “Arkangel” episode left viewers both angry and deceived. The over-protective mother who has her child chipped so that she can control her child’s life and view her where-about on a tablet. However, the ending of the episode misused the emergency contraceptive pill (known as Plan B in South Africa) which seriously aggravated its viewers. It ruined the suspension of disbelief and the imaginary world that viewers believed for the duration of the episode was lost by incorrect use of our current technology!

Every episodes tells us a distinctive story

If we start with the obvious, every episode of Black Mirror is completely different – a different story, cast and location. While this might be an innovative move on the part of the director, it allows viewers to pit each episode against each other with harsh comparison. It makes it a lot harder to decide on a favourite episode as each episode has its whole theme. It’s almost like watching a movie and attempting to compare, let’s say The Greatest Showman and Lion, both deserving but impossible to choose. This intensifies the online debate and adds fuel to the fire!

Fandom creates disapproval

“With great power comes great responsibility” but in this case, with instant reaction on social media comes great anxiety for producers with crazy fans. As with anything this famous and securing an Emmy win for “San Junipero”, it’s bound to have a cult following. The build-up to season 4 ultimately inflates the show’s reputation and the show’s hecklers love a good story and trolling the internet with how overrated Black Mirror actually is. So, I say again, Brooker has quite a responsibility when releasing his new season all at once on Netflix!

That’s the whole point!

So maybe Charlie Brooker is just trolling us all, and wants us to all argue! He’s trying to provoke hatred responses. I imagine Charlie, watching this all play out with a bag of popcorn, loving every moment. We humans are just so predictable.

Maybe “Arkangel”, the misogyny of “USS Callister” and the dating drama of “Hand the DJ” are all designed to push our very sensitive buttons and incite this kind of response.

Are we all just being punked?

For those of you who have been living under some type of rock, Black Mirror is a 4 season Netflix sensation that has individual episodes about the potential future of technology. Each episode is entirely different and doesn’t follow one another. It’s important for every single person who plans on living into our future, it makes important social commentary that we all should educate ourselves about.

Published: 08:15 09-01-2018

Posted by on January 9, 2018.

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