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PLUGZ: The wireless, bluetooth earphones

Author: Leonardo Angelucci Updated: 15:31 05-04-2018

People are strange. Even stranger is the internet. So, you can imagine that when the two get together they go as far as to render the rational, irrational and the sound of mind, insane. In this sense, you’ve really got to feel for tech companies who base their developments on trends and whims of the greater internet population.

Let’s take a simple example.

In 2013, an internet trend emerged where people publicly posted their frustration concerning the entanglement of earphone-jacks in pockets and bags around the world.

Apple, being the innovator it is, discards the earphone/headphone jack with its iPhone 7, replacing it with the lightning-jack, ultimately optimising the amount of wires needed from 2 to 1.

People weren’t happy, because what if you’d like to listen to music while you’re charging your phone?

So, Apple went ahead and made the lightning-jack optional but introduced air-buds wireless earphones to mitigate the “we want less wires” mob-demand.

But the air-buds are costly, and earphones can get lost as it is, imagine when you don’t have 30cm of wire connected to them.

Enter PLUGZ, the wireless, bluetooth earphones from ZAGG available from

Connected to a comfortably small Bluetooth adapter via 35cm cables, PLUGZ are noise isolating, sweat resistant and clutch easily to your clothes with the use of a small, flexible magnet strip found on the adapter.

They can pair with all devices and the set-up is easy enough for children and dated-adults alike to follow.

The 9mm neodymium drivers or buds ensure that comfort is maximised, while the sound quality is good enough for video production work and sampling of music.

Co-workers of mine can attest to just how unreachable you can be when you plug these into your ears and fade-away to your inaudible escape.

The only problem is the size in relation to putting them down once you’re not using them.

The buds, along with the adapter are a tad smaller than a set of keys and a lot thinner. Leaving them on a busy desk or in a non-conventional spot could prove difficult.

But fear not, we’ve got your back.

Still available at Musica, the Mophie power capsule.

A two-in-one device for charging your wireless earphones and storing them neatly and safely within a protective pouch once you’re not using them.

Utilising normal and micro-USB cables, the power-bank charges earphones for up to 60 hours of functionality, as well as fitness trackers for a usage of 55 days.

Its high-output charge tech, allows you to plug-in and get results quickly without having to wait around so much, while its pass-through charging ability can let you charge the power bank, while it charges your devices.

The power capsule is compact and light, round about the same size as a computer mouse, clad in resistant material which protects the contents against bumps and bruises.

It’s the perfect combination for the ever-adapting world.

As products of ZAGG, these maintain affordable prices without skimping on the quality.

Published: 07:30 12-03-2018

Posted by on March 12, 2018.

Categories: Gadgets, Technology

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