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WATCH: Phone falls from plane – and survives!

Author: Mikail Baker Updated: 09:31 25-08-2017

A Samsung Galaxy S5 has allegedly survived being dropped 1000 feet (305m) from a small plane, and there’s footage to prove it.

According to Robert Ryan, nephew of the owner, the phone was dropped while his uncle, Blake Henderson, was filming another plane going by.

From the footage, it seems that the phone was swiftly sucked from his hand, before plummeting towards earth in a wild spin, making for some very mind-melting footage.

The real brain-teaser, though, is how the phone is still working. In the video, it gets picked up in someone’s garden after several minutes.

It’s safe to assume that the screen’s still working, as a voice can be heard saying “it’s got recording on, too”.

The Verge speculates that the whole video may be an elaborate ad campaign for Samsung. The phone’s survival does seem rather unlikely, but my money is on another brand – at 8:28 in the video, a Red Bull logo can clearly be seen.

Coincidence, or a subtle bit of evidence from a company famous for its endorsement of extreme activities.

If the video is in fact real, that just makes it all the better. Technology is getting tougher, but don’t go throwing your iPhones off buildings just yet – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Watch the video below, and don’t laugh too hard at the strong accents.

Published: 11:15 15-08-2017

Posted by on August 15, 2017.

Categories: Gadgets, Technology

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