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This $400 Wi-Fi juicer is totally pointless

Author: Mikail Baker Updated: 09:16 25-04-2017

A high-end Wi-Fi-enabled juicer created in the USA has become the victim of some serious ridicule after it was discovered that its packs of pre-cut fruits and veggies can in fact be squeezed by hand.

The Juicero is designed to automatically press juice out of specially-designed pre-packs, which come in a variety of flavor combinations.

It works with an active internet connection to ensure that the pre-packs are fresh and ready for squeezing, while an accompanying app keeps stock rolling in weekly.

It all sounds rather pointless – and that’s aside from the fact that there isn’t much scientific evidence backing claims made by ‘juicing’ proponents.

Unfortunately for the Juicero, what little purpose it has has now been beaten – or squeezed – to a pulp.

Bloomberg has figured out that one doesn’t even need the machine to get the juice out of packs. In fact, they can be squeezed with your bare hands, rendering the device itself practically redundant.

In response, the company has offered a full refund to anyone who’s purchased the device, valid for the next 30 days. The drama hasn’t dissuaded its, CEO, however, and he’s still got a passionate – albeit mediocre – point to prove.

“The value of Juicero is more than a glass of cold-pressed juice. Much more,” he says in a post on Medium. “It’s in how the busy professional who needs more greens in her life gets App reminders to press Produce Packs before they expire, so she doesn’t waste the hard-earned money she spent on them.”

Yeah. Right. Let’s be honest, folks. If you need an app to remind you to eat your veggies, you’re either four years old or beyond the aid of healthy eating in any case.

Published: 09:45 21-04-2017

Posted by on April 21, 2017.

Categories: Gadgets, Technology

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