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F1 has reached a ’crossroads’ says Horner

Author: Staff Reporter Updated: 09:30 23-08-2017

Red Bull chief Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 has reached a "crossroads" and must make a strong decision on how the future of the sport will look.

There have been frequent talks between the Formula 1 stakeholders since the beginning of the year regarding the next engine formula, beginning in 2021.

In addition, there have been debates regarding the future direction of F1 after Mercedes announced that they would enter a team in the all-electric Formula E series from 2019. Porsche will do the same, after been linked with an F1 move in previous years Skysports reports.

Horner has been against the hybrid engine since its introduction as it is expensive to build, fix, and maintain. Apart from this, the engine is very quiet and Horner along with other F1 enthusiasts believes that Formula one engines should be loud as it is part of the show. He feels that many big decisions has to be made in the next few months in this sport before 2020 but insist that drivers and teams should be prioritised before any decisions are made.

Horner said: "I really hope that for Formula 1's sake there is a strong decision made that isn't a compromise. The problem with a compromise is that it doesn't suit anybody.

"We have seen all these manufacturers now signing up to Formula E – that is where the technology belongs and where the electric cars belong. Formula 1 is really at a crossroads because the power unit that is picked for 2021 onwards is probably going to have between an eight and 10-year life.”

Published: 11:45 11-08-2017

Posted by on August 11, 2017.

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