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British Airways strike: all you need to know

Author: Staff Reporter Updated: 09:46 03-07-2017

Have you booked a British Airways flight sometime during the coming weeks? Well, despite the upcoming staff strike, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

That’s according to BA spokesperson Stephen Forbes, who has told eTNW that all passengers will be delivered to their destinations without any major hassles.

The strike, instigated by a pay dispute, begins on Saturday and is scheduled to last 16 days.

“We will merge a very small number of Heathrow services, and all affected customers are being contacted in advance and will be rebooked to alternative flights,” Forbes says. “We would urge customers to ensure that the correct email and telephone details are in their bookings and to check their travel plans on our website if they need any further details.”

According to Reuters, BA will be using Qatar Airways planes to fill any gaps in its own capabilities, a move that will also aid the ailing Arab airline.

Rather be safe than sorry! If you’re headed for Gatwick, London City or Heathrow Airport, make sure you know about any changes made to your flight schedule.

Domestic BA travellers here in South Africa will, of course, remain totally unaffected by the temporary staff shortage. Local charters are operated by Comair, a BA franchisee.

Published: 08:00 30-06-2017

Posted by on June 30, 2017.

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