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Lucky coins delay Chinese flight by hours

Author: Staff Reporter Updated: 09:46 30-06-2017

A superstitious elderly Chinese traveller delayed a flight out of Shanghai on Tuesday after tossing several coins into one of the plane’s engines while boarding.

According to CNN, the 80-year-old woman was removed from the flight by police after being reported by other passengers on the China Southern Airlines charter.

Shanghai police have confirmed that the woman has no prior criminal offences to her name, nor is she mentally unstable. Yup – she’s just plain old superstitious. The coins were tossed as a prayer offering for a safe journey!

Despite only one coin finding its way into the turbine, the flight was delayed by more than five hours.

CNN adds that Shanghai Pudong International Airport is frequently cited as a poor time-performer. This time, however, the culprit is no mystery.

Next time you’re boarding a plane, keep the change. You’ll need it for those pricey in-flight snacks, anyway.

Published: 13:00 29-06-2017

Posted by on June 29, 2017.

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