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The world’s Bluetooth devices are all at risk

Author: Mikail Baker Updated: 17:46 13-09-2017

A new cyber threat has the potential to infect every single Bluetooth device on the planet, giving hackers access to whatever information they want.

It’s called BlueBorne, and it’s been identified by IoT security firm Armis. According to the company, the attack vector has the potential to infect each of the 8,2-billion Bluetooth-enabled devices currently in use. The worst part? Targeted devices don’t even need to be paired to the attacker’s device.

It’s arguably the single biggest security threat identified in recent times, and everyone is at risk. Armis has already exposed eight significant vulnerabilities on Android, Windows, Linux and iOS devices. While iOS 10 has already patched the issue, other operating systems remain at risk of infection.

“Unlike the common misconception, Bluetooth enabled devices are constantly searching for incoming connections from any devices, and not only those they have been paired with,” says Armis. “This makes BlueBorne one of the most broad potential attacks found in recent years, and allows an attacker to strike completely undetected.”

BlueBorne allows attackers to gain full control of devices with unprecedented ease, even giving them access to ‘air-gapped’ networks that are purposefully isolated for protection. Armis believes that BlueBorne can be used for espionage, data theft, and even ransomware.

Thankfully, the company is working hard with stakeholders to fix all vulnerabilities, and patches for all operating systems should be available soon.

To read more about BlueBorne, visit

Published: 10:00 13-09-2017

Posted by on September 13, 2017.

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