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Amnesty’s tips for online security

Author: Staff Reporter Updated: 21:32 27-05-2018

Amnesty International has released its own tips for internet users to protect their information, data and files.

The information comes in light of increasing concerns over internet privacy and the rise in cybercrimes, including malicious programs.

So, what does the human rights organisation have to say?

Firstly, Amnesty suggests making sure the software on your devices is updated.

"Nearly all updates include things called security patches: they close holes in the software that make it easy for someone to hack into your software – and once they do they can often get access to everything on your phone or computer. Software can be very complex and security holes are discovered all the time, so keep an eye on those updates," the organisation said on their website.

The organisation also suggested the age-old advice of using strong and different passwords – using "12345" just isn't going to cut it. Suggestions for passwords include using numbers and symbols (e.g. "!", "@" and others). You can also choose to use a pass phrase (e.g. "Cheesecake day is the best day") or use a password manager program.

Another suggestion by Amnesty is two-factor authentication, which ups the security on your accounts significantly. An example of this type of authentication is when you are SMSed a code to log into an account, in addition to requiring a password.

When it comes to browsing online, "https" in the URL means that the connection is secure. Always be wary of sites which aren't secure, especially if they're asking for your information. There are browser extensions which can help encrypt your connections, keeping your data safe.

When it comes to instant messaging apps, Amnesty also promotes Signal Private Messenger – which is recommended by Edward Snowden. When it comes to video conferencing, Amnesty suggests using Jitsi Meet. 

Published: 13:30 24-10-2016

Posted by on October 24, 2016.

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