Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 by 2020
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Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 by 2020

Updated: 11:00 11-01-2018

American software company Microsoft will soon stop support their popular eight-year-old program Windows 7 by 2020.

The company stopped mainstream support for Windows 7 in 2015 already and says it will only extend its support of the program until January 2020.

Businesses are therefore urged to upgrade to Windows 10 to keep up with today’s security threats and to enjoy continued support from Microsoft.

The Windows 10 program offers many advantages such as: support for the latest chipsets, maximum security, an easy upgrade path, and a wide variety of enterprise security features.

According to BusinessTech, organisations have been ‘sweating their assets in the hope of saving money, but now they are faced with system upgrades that were not budgeted for. Making this the reality many businesses as all theiroffice’s PCs will need to be upgraded in the next two years.

This could be a daunting task from a financial standpoint, however, it is no longer the case that businesses who want the latest technologies and solutions need to be prepared to spend a lot of their own capital.

  Businesses need not to worry about buying new IT equipment because companies such as InnoVent, have ‘pay as you go’ for the equipment that they need.

The advantages to leasing your IT equipment are many and include enjoying the latest software on the latest models.

Leasing also allows the business to access the technology required without denting the companies pocket.  Unlike capex, which required up front or through a bank loan that include interest payments, InnoVent is transforming the industry by offering subsidised finance.

By including a buyback value in the transaction, InnoVent reduces total costs. This means that companies only pay for what they use.

Thus, companies will not be stuck with outdated equipment that they will need to either store or dispose of. This pay- per-use model offers full scalability and complete flexibility.

With the option of leasing, companies need not worry about the cost of new IT equipment as they can lease the equipment and gain access to the newest and best technology. 

Source: BusinessTech Published: 08:15 11-01-2018

Posted by on January 11, 2018.

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