Why women prefer to shop online
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Why women prefer to shop online

Updated: 11:45 17-02-2017

In the past a man was the breadwinner for the household, but it was the woman, who took responsibility for managing its budget. She decided how much money was allocated to groceries, utilities, educational needs of the children. It’s no surprise that women have a better understanding of the issues related to shopping in South Africa, and perhaps it’s the reason why they prefer to shop online. Take a look at what reasons they have for that.

At first, shopping online was just another way to use the internet and only the few visionaries saw an amazing opportunity in using it for sales and marketing. Hardly anyone thought, when it was first introduced to the public, that online trade would be one of the major contributors to the country’s economy. It is now so because local and international merchants often prefer to sell their goods and services online. It spans from lower costs of operation (smaller bills, rent charges and the staff costs), which results in lower prices for the consumer. The lower charge you impose, the more customers are going to visit your store.

However, the price is not the only factor encouraging female customers to shop this way. With such a busy lifestyle, including full-time career and family life, going to the traditional store just doesn’t make as much sense as it used to. It’s only fair to say that placing orders online is much more convenient and takes less time. With the possibility of shopping anytime with decent internet connection, they don’t need to occupy themselves with standing in long queues. The financial aspects don’t end there. Online stores tend to offer free dispatch, which makes the entire process more affordable. They get comprehensive deals on shipping by working with courier service companies, which gladly take advantage of the situation. And rightly so, because it benefits all of us.

This seems to be a much sought-after advantage especially during shopping events, when crowds of people rush to the stores in the search of discounted products. On Black Friday weekend in 2016, for example, the customers’ interest increased so much that they would shove and elbow each other just to keep the best bargains for themselves. Some of those incidents took place when people were battling to get inside Checkers. Those who decided to show up at the shopping outlet personally, would experience what it was like to stand in incredibly long queues, trying to make the most of their day at a shopping centre. The ones with common sense would know not to get out of the house or the office on the 25th of November and just stay indoors with their computer or mobile device. It helped them save thousands of rands without the factor of literally risking their lives.

Best stores to find on Picodi

When you shop personally, you have access to wide array of local promotions but it is now also possible to get them online. Discount code platforms, such as Picodi, can give you just as much savings paired with convenience of use and comforts of your own home. The ability to compare different shops’ offers is by far the biggest advantage online shopping has over going out. We save both money and time.

If you’re thinking about the place to fulfil the needs of your household, Home Choice clearance sale can help you achieve just that. Just because you don’t go to the store yourself, it doesn’t mean you will not have an opportunity to save a lot of money. The only thing you need to know is the place where all of the Home Choice voucher codes are hidden.

Online stores don’t need to restrict themselves in terms of the stock. They can keep it in larger amounts in a place different than their registered office and with a comprehensive computer system, they can effectively manage their ordering processes. This results in us – the customers, having much more choice when shopping. In the case of Home Choice specials, you can furnish your entire house for much less.

Despite the critics’ opinion that online shopping decreases local farmers and manufacturers’ income, consumers have a much wider access to sellers from across the country. They can shop for local products from their homes, at the same time supporting local economy. What is more, people who normally wouldn’t get the chance to work full time outside their house, are now encouraged to create their own home-made goods and sell them online.

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Published: 14:15 16-02-2017

Posted by on February 16, 2017.

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